Luxury Homes In West Vancouver

west Vancouver real estateThe Best Homes In West Vancouver, BC

Its been voted the best city to live in the world, many times over.

We are talking about the gorgeous Vancouver, BC, Canada. With its waterfront living and fine dining, this make Vancouver such an amazing place to live and retire.

One of the more spectacular places in Vancouver, is the district of West Vancouver, over the Lions Gate Bridge, on the north shore. Its such a fantastic place to visit during the summer months. Either by visiting Ambleside park, or the famous Dundarave park, and having dinner at the Beach house restaurant for those that enjoy a great seafood meal.

For those that want to make it a home, there is no better thing to buying or selling a new luxury real estate waterfront home than finding a great realtor to help you sift through the selection of very high end property that is available on the market today.

Families love living in West Vancouver because it offers children a great opportunity to get a fantastic education in one of the many fine schools that exist in the area. Speaking of kids, there are a lot of great parks, and not just any type of park, but parks and beaches that are right on the water.

And this is what makes West Vancouver such a spectacular place to be, the water is simply stunning, and the fresh air is stunning. The opportunities are endless, you can go sun tan, or go boating, the list goes on.

So when you want to find out more about the best place to live on earth, come on down and visit the place that will welcome you home.

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SEO For Beginners Training

website design calgarySEO is a term tossed around a lot. It stands for Search Engine Optimization and it involves getting a website to play friendly on the search engines.

So what happens when you get a page set up initially online, or a webpage published, is you need to do something called SEO to make sure that the search engines can understand what the page is all about. You see, a search engine cant really read things such as images or videos, so what people have to do is optimize their websites to ensure that when the search engines come around, there is text on the page that can be read and that the text can be understood to tell the search engines what this page is talking about.

You see when a bot or spider comes to crawl your site, your page gets indexed into the search engines large database of directory information. There are many things that influence how your site will rank. Especially if there are a lot of authoritative links pointing to your site.

So when a person goes to do a query or a search, the search results come back based on their authority and something called pagerank. This is a ranking system that tells the search engine the weight or relevance and authority that a particular page or site holds. For more information on this type, you can visit search engine optimization calgary and learn more about ranking and ranking systems.

This is important as the results need to come back accurate or people wont use search engines. They have certainly become more and more smarter every single year. They can tell what a page is talking about and what the topic of the page is about, therefore serving back that information back to the person doing the search.

Often within the searches there are things people may see on the side called ads. These ads are paid for by people that want to have a presence on the search engines right away without having to worry about their SEO efforts. You see, when businesses pay to have their ad showing, these results get shown differently than the main search results. The main results are called organic search results as they only involve search results that are not paid for.

So there are a couple of options companies can do when they want to have a presence online, they can have their site show up in the organic results, or they can show up in the ads section, they can even show up in the local search results.

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Are You Going Out To Have Some Fun

haven some funDid you ever see the guy who works out so much and then gets really ripped, and then just wants to get bigger and bigger? Ya, well, I saw one of those guys at the gym today. Its crazy how some people work out so much, they don’t know why the continue to work out anymore. I go to the gym to get healthier, not look better to try to impress someone. If someone doesn’t like me for the way I look, then forget about them, I don’t have time to deal with people like that.

So anyway, getting back to my main point and getting off my rant here for a second, you for sure need to get out and get active. Have you ever been to a park and seen so many people doing so many sports? Ya, thats what I am talking about, people just getting out there not even to work out for their health, but to get out there to just have fun, fun people, thats right, doing things for yourself.

If you take a look at all the statistics today, they always talk about getting out there and making sure you have at least 30 minutes a day of exercise. Thats awesome but who has time for all of this exercise? I tell you, if people had more time they would certainly do it, but its not going to happen.

The other day I was walking down the street, and this guy was roller blading and he was going so fast, but at the same time, I looked at his face and he was having so much fun by the looks of it. I could tell by the size of his smile that this was indeed making him happy.

You see, its these little things in life that make people happier than anything else in the world. Why don’t people want to just do things THEY want to do, and not things other people tell them what to do? Come on people, life is too short to just sit there and not do anything with your life and watch it just go get washed away. If you can seriously just go out there and make it the best you can be and take care of yourself, but like really take care of yourself, then I have no doubt in my mind that its going to make you super happy and make you feel super good about yourself. When was the last time you actually had fun, like really fun. Lets see… for me I think it was when I went to go skiing last year in Colorado, and man oh man let me tell you, I was like a kid in a candy store, I didn’t want to leave, and thats what I am talking about, its that type of fun that we crave as humans, the type of activities that make us feel alive and free.

Its no wonder so many people out there are depressed, no one is getting out anymore, do you know how many people just sit there and watch tv all day?! What is wrong with those people, don’t they know that there is a world out there meant to be explored and seen! Okay, I am going over board here, but you get the idea, what I am trying to say is that it just make sense to try to take care of yourself, and not just live life to live life, you need to move forward, grow as a person and take your life to higher levels.

Got it? Good, now go out there and have some fun!

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